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Department of Veterans Affairs
Multiple Projects Multi-Discipline
Architect-Engineering Services

Kansas City, Missouri

1. HVAC expansion. Replacement of three major penthouse air-      

    handling units.

2. Complete renovation of 5th floor including, surgical suites, waiting
    rooms, nursing stations, isolation rooms and more

3. 3000 Ton Chilled Water Plant replacement

4. Dialysis Ward modernization and expansion

5. Inpatient Surgery Modernization

6. 10W HVAC.  Renovation and replacement of misc. heating,
     ventilating,and cooling equipment for the west wing of the 10th floor
    of the Kansas City Hospital.

7. Sanitary Piping Replacement. Complete replacement and design of
    sanitary and vent piping in Building 1 and 26 of the KC Hospital

8. 10W Showers and Plumbing.  Restroom and Plumbing remodel of
     the west wing of the 10th floor of the KC Hospital.

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